The main activity of Uk-Tankoil Tank Farm is aimed at the storage of high-quality fuel including the following brands:

  • Aviation Kerosine JP54,
  • Diesel Gasoil D2,
  • Mazut M100 GOST,
  • Russian Export Blend Crude Oil (REBCO).

Our Company Uk-Tankoil works with many Russian manufacturers and we own direct contracts that allow us trouble-free to provide the desired volume and range of products available.

We implement organized storage in or tank farm and delivery of petroleum products with improved environmental properties that meet the requirements of the Resolution of the Government of Russia, as well as with the applicable standards Internationally. Our Tank farm is certified and meets all modern requirements for tank farms.

On petroleum products shipped, Nekst issue our own passports and certificates of conformity.

We guarantee high-quality petroleum products to purchasers. We have fruitfully co-operated with the largest laboratories in the country, so our customers, on request, have an exceptional opportunity to quickly and accurately conduct additional analysis of the acquired oil.