Mazut M100
OST 10585-75/99

Mazut M100 GOST 10585-75/99 Mazut M100 is a residue of the primary distillation of crude oil and can be used as boiler fuel – light oil (above 330 ? C), as well as raw materials, processed in the subsequent oil fractions to tar, which is used in the production of oil – heavier oil (above 360 C).
In addition, Mazut is used as a raw material for hydrocracking and catalytic cracking.
Using different formulations and physical-chemical properties of the raw material, it is possible to obtain Mazut have different properties. Depending on the density, viscosity, and the content of sulfur in the Mazut is assessed quality. The density of oil is determined at a temperature of 20 C, and it should be 0.89 – 1 gram per cubic centimeter.
The estimated freezing temperature, ranges from 10 to 50 degrees C. The content of sulfur in Mazut is between 0.5 – 3.5%. Mazut M100 has a small (less than 0.3%), ash content and high thermal conductivity, it is possible to obtain the desired temperature for the consumption of raw materials.
Despite the fact that Mazut M100 is used in many industries, our main customers are industrial, and public utility services.
Mazut M100 is used in the engines of ships and locomotives, but the most widely it is used as a fuel for steam boilers and industrial furnaces.